K95 Mask

K95 Mask

Product Details :

FDA Certified and CE Approved KN95 & N95 Face Respirator Mask. This KN95 & N95 protective mask effectively filters non-oily particles to serve as barrier to potential air pollutants that can be harmful. The face mask’s filtration efficiency of 5 layers will help block out PM2.5 air pollutants like allergens, virus, bacteria, dust, droplets and other harmful non-oil based particles in the air, at least up to 95 percent. It also features an adjustable nose wire to provide proper and comfortable fit to the face contour.

Consists Five Layers of:

Non-Woven, Hot Air Filter Cotton, Meltblown Cloth, Non-Woven

KN95 masks are rated equivalently effective to perform like N95 on its filtration performance

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